Basecamp Integration

Efficient bug tracking in Basecamp with BugDigger

BugDigger supports Basecamp 3, Basecamp 2 and Basecamp Classic.

Track bugs with neatly organized To-Do lists – automatically!

When you report a web application issue via BugDigger, it creates a new To-Do item for the issue, with a comment including the web page URL, environment details, attached screenshot and other details.

The To-Do item will be added to a list named after the page for which the issue was reported, automatically created by BugDigger.

Linked bug details page on BugDigger has more information about environment and previous actions on the web site.

Connecting Basecamp with BugDigger service

Adding your Basecamp account to BugDigger is simple:

  1. Sign-in to BugDigger.
  2. Open “Integration” page.
  3. Click the Basecamp icon.
  4. After being redirected to Basecamp, click "Grant" to authorize BugDigger access Basecamp on your behalf.

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