GitLab Integration

Integrate BugDigger service with GitLab and combine the information gathering
power of BugDigger with GitLab’s powerful issue tracking features.

BugDigger helps users report issues collecting and automatically adding to GitLab issue all contextual data including URL, screenshot of the web page and browser details:

Connecting GitLab with BugDigger service

Adding your GitLab account to BugDigger is simple:

  1. Sign-in to BugDigger.
  2. Open “Integration” page.
  3. Click the GitLab icon and specify URL to your GitLab instance.
  4. After being redirected to GitLab, click "Grant" to authorize BugDigger access GitLab on your behalf.

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One time GitLab instance setup

In order to allow BugDigger link your GitLab, the GitLab admin should register BugDigger application with the GitLab. The first time a GitLab instance is used with BugDigger, BugDigger will ask user to provide integration keys. It's a one-time operation and should preferably be performed by a GitLab admin in order to register BugDigger on system level.

1. Register BugDigger application with your GitLab.

As GitLab admin, add BugDigger as a system OAuth application at
Alternatively, you can register application under your GitLab profile at

Name:          BugDigger
Redirect URI:
Scopes:        api, read_user

It's important to use redirect URI as specified. It's recommended to register BugDigger in GitLab as system OAuth application.

2. Go to BugDigger and try to add GitLab to your account.

3. Copy Application Id and Secret from GitHub to BugDigger when asked about it.