JIRA Integration

Integrate BugDigger service with JIRA and combine the information gathering
power of BugDigger with JIRA’s powerful issue tracking and project management features.

Here’s an example of a bug submitted to JIRA using BugDigger:

Linked bug details page on BugDigger has more information about environment and previous actions on the web site:

Connecting JIRA with BugDigger service

When using hosted BugDigger service, there’s nothing to install on JIRA’s end (no plugin needed). Simply sign-in to BugDigger, add your JIRA account to your profile and you’ll be able to submit rich bug reports to any of your JIRA projects.

  1. Sign-in to BugDigger.
  2. Open “Integration” page.
  3. Click the JIRA icon, specify URL to your JIRA instance and user details.

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Info! For JIRA Server we also offer JIRA add-on so issue reports can be submitted directly to JIRA.