Efficient and Effective Bug Reporting for Web Applications

Report a bug with the click of a button

The BugDigger browser add-on makes bug reporting for web applications fast and simple. It adds the bug reporting button to your browser’s toolbar, so that you’re always ready to act. If you spot a bug on a web site you’re testing (or using), just click the button.

BugDigger browser add-on is available for all major web browsers.

Automatic accuracy of bug reports

After clicking the bug reporting button you’ll be taken to the BugDigger server where you can describe the issue. The more effectively you report a bug, the more likely it will actually get fixed. BugDigger automatically collects all contextual data that may be of use to developers to isolate the bug to a specific area:

  • Screenshot of the web page,
  • Current and recently opened URLs on the web site,
  • Browser details, etc.

Send bug details via email, submit to an external bug tracker or share the public access URL.

Built-in screenshot editor

Visually highlight the problem by scribbling on the screenshot, adding some text, arrows and so on.

BugDigger automatically crops the image to the relevant part and adds it to your bug report. No need for external image editing tools and no boring upload forms!

Project assignment and bug report routing

Simple bug reporting form with project, issue description and user details

Create a project on BugDigger and associate web site(s) with it to:

  • Allow anyone to send feedback or report a bug found on your web site without need to register or sign-in.
  • Have bug report automatically emailed to you or submitted to your issue tracker.
  • Collect bug reports via RSS/Atom feed.

Integration with external bug trackers

BugDigger can submit an issue directly to an external bug tracker. (All of the custom fields in your bug tracker are still there and accessible.) BugDigger service restricts access to bug report details, so that they are only available to members of the bug tracker project to which the issue was submitted.

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For Atlassian JIRA we also offer BugDigger Plugin for JIRA that has all major features of the hosted BugDigger service. With the plugin you don’t need My BugDigger subscription and bug reports are uploaded directly to JIRA.

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