Remove the hard work and "human
element" from your bug reporting!

BugDigger helps you create truly helpful bug reports at the push of a button.

Save time and complete your projects faster with smarter bug reporting for web applications

Get consistent bug reports

BugDigger grabs everything you need. Even busy or inexpert testers can generate useful bug reports.

Capture all the useful information

Automatic capture of screendump, environment data and web site usage history. Quickly mark up the screenshot using built-in editor.

Integrate with your bug tracking solution

Associate web sites with projects. Automatically send collected information to your issue tracker or via email.

BugDigger integrates with your favorite tools

Basecamp GitLab Trello JIRA Redmine Asana PivotalTracker Teamwork Wrike FogBugz Unfuddle Lighthouse Planbox Github
Browser Stack Cross Browser Testing