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Remove the hard work and "human
element" from your bug reporting!

BugDigger helps you create truly helpful
bug reports at the push of a button.

BugDigger Overview

Save time and complete your projects faster with smarter bug reporting for web applications:

Point: Environment details


Get consistent bug reports BugDigger grabs everything you need. Even busy or inexpert testers can generate useful bug reports.

Point: Web site usage history


Capture all the useful information Automatic capture of screendump, environment data and web site usage history. Quickly mark up the screenshot using built-in editor.

Point: Screen capture attachment in issue tracker


Integrate with your bug tracking solution Associate web sites with projects. Automatically send collected information to your issue tracker or via email.

The dream solution for both testers and developers

Only human testing can reveal the bugs, misunderstandings and real-life issues that end-users WILL experience with your web application. However, bug reporting manually is itself an error-prone process. It’s long-winded, adds to project development time and costs, and reports are often incomplete, misleading or the bug cannot be reproduced.

Software developers need an accurate bug report to more rapidly isolate a bug to the specific area. Creation of such a report requires dedication and experience of a person testing the application.

You simply cannot take humans out of web-based bug testing – but now you can remove the hard work and “human element” from your Bug Reporting…

BugDigger addresses every one of those old problems, meaning it really is a dream come true for web development professionals!

BugDigger integrates with:

Basecamp Trello Basecamp PivotalTracker Unfuddle Lighthouse JIRA Planbox Redmine

(or any other service implementing our integration API)

Get started right away!

You need only few minutes to get started with BugDigger:

  1. Sign-up to BugDigger. You don’t even have to register as you can sign in using your Google account or your issue tracker.
  2. Download and install BugDigger add-on for your browser.
  • "Guys, AWESOME product! This is a huge time saver for anyone ever doing QA."
    Alex Loddengaard, Atlassian
  • "We absolutely love the program you built though, we have been wanting something like this for a long time. It just makes it so easy to submit a ticket and get it where it needs to go for clients."
    Dan Kosak, Mediaglint